Welcome to Cologne!

This is the website of the Cologne Tourist Guide association Kölner Stadtführer e.V.

Einige unserer Mitglieder im September 2015

Some of our members in September 2015

Our association was founded in 1992 and currently has 75 members. It is a founding member of the umbrella organization German National Tourist Guide Association (BVGD).
We are professional tour guides, trained according to the guidelines of the BVGD. Most of us hold a BVGD training certificate or a certificate in accordance with European Quality Standard for tour guides (DIN EN 15556). BVGD-Logo

We offer guided city tours (sightseeing tours and/or walks in the historic city center) as well as visits of museums, churches and archaeological excavations. Many of us are licensed to guide inside Cologne Cathedral, the absolute highlight and landmark of the city.

Our aim is to present multi-faceted Cologne in an entertaining and informative way – Roman relics, historic monuments, post-war and contemporary architecture, medieval cobbled streets, the banks of the Rhine, the Kölsch breweries, the home of Eau de Cologne and a lot more…
Our guided tours are available in 14 languages.

For further information and enquiries/ bookings, please contact us via email:


Cologne panorama - Cathedral and Rhine

Cologne panorama – Cathedral and Rhine